Cheltenham School of Theology (CSOT) was founded in Oct 2017 to create an opportunity for those interested in learning theology without the requirement of eligibility, background or financial constraints.

The idea of learning and teaching theology came out of an informal conversations between Dr David Manohar and Prof Gordon McConville.  The idea was shared with Dr Christina Manohar and Rev Simon Witcombe, the Senior Chaplain and Dr Adrian Long from the theology department at the University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham UK.

Currently Biblical Hebrew Grammar is being offered as a full course from Oct to June.  And there are plans to offer Biblical Greek Grammar and a week of theology during summer (Cheltenham Summer School of Theology).

Apart from learning theology, the school would give opportunity for learners and professionals of theology to publish Christian theology in the form of blogs, newsletters, booklets, books and journals.

The school will be managed by those who agree to its basic aims and ethos, which is to learn, teach and publish theology, offer opportunity for those interested to learn, teach and publish.

This is a non-profit organisation, in case of any contribution or donation received or profits made through publication it would be channelled back to further the cause of learning, teaching and publishing theology.